Clonrush Graveyard - Whitegate Clonrush graveyard

  You can view the monuments either by using the image map on the right, or by using the index to names.
     To use the image map, move the cursor over any area inside the graveyard boundary to show the
   principal name, then click for picture. The green line indicates the graveyard boundary prior to 1840.

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Byerley Prowt Davis Mulvihill Connair Thornberry McNamara Campbell Minogue O'Donnell O'Donnell Funeral Arch Quirke Tuohy Tuohy O'Meara Quirke Watson Cleary Dillon Minogue O'Sullivan Towhy Mulvihill Tuohy Flannery Hughes Ryan Fogarty Finnerty Minogue Hogan Hogan McGrath Sampson O'Brien Turner Hynes Hynes Hynes Thornberry Doyle Morgan Fahey Brien Brien Garvey O'Halloran O'Halloran Morrissy Cunniffe Hogan/Madden Hogan Hogan Long Browne Solon Brogan Shaughnessy Farrell Hartneady Holland McDermott McDermott Hogan Coen Hogan O'Rourke Brody Brogan Coen Coen Coen Flanagan O'Rourke Dunlea Power Lucas Chapman Dinan Brooder Hickey Gormley Killeen Brien Hourigan Fahy Minogue/Mugavin Burke O'Neill Sampson Bleach Minogue/Hoey Flannery Blake Egan/Garvey Feely Guinane Gorman Egan/Pearl Egan Costelloe Tuohy Fogarty/Tuohy Hogan Minogue Pearl Eames Collins Minogue Tottenham Cogan Durack Durack McGowan Hayes Burke Burke O'Brien Tuohy Hogan O'Donnell Treacy Treacy O'hearain Maloney Minogue Malone O'Brien White Burke Burke Burke Fahy White Hayes Minogue Moloney White/Jordan Lynch White White Kennedy Kelly Pearl Hayes Leahy Sheehy Leahy Lynch Hogan Kelly Tuohy Tobin Sampson Tuohy Mitchell Grogan Guinane Goonane Carroll Conway White Tuohy White Goonane Doyle Madden/Guinane Foley/Halloran Madden Madden Pollcolman Coughlan Scahill White Fahy Hayes White/O'Callaghan Jordan Woodhouse Coffey Coffey Killeen Jones Woodhouse Madden Kelly Fahey Conner/Keys/Daniel O'Brien Burke Dooley Morrissey Kelly Kelly Haran Goonane Grace Ryan Comerford Farrell Brady Brady Brady/O'Brien Coen Burke, Ballinruan O'Brien O'Brien Minogue Whelan Fahey Burke, Whitegate Cooney Minogue Solon Fahy Gunter/Niemann O'Brien Lyons Malone Cleary Sweeney Malone O'Donnell Brown McDermott O'Donnell Collins Burke Moore O'Rourke Haran Doris-Noyes O'Donnell McNamara Haran Hynes Hogan Blank area